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Video playing audio with no visual

It has been brought to our attention that the latest update for iTunes / QuickTime may cause some users to experience a problem viewing video footage on their USB. This has been identified as a problem by Apple who have recommended the simple fix of un-istalling and re-installing iTunes. Official ECB statement: Some users installing […]

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Correct removal of USB from PC or Mac

Tacklesport strongly advises that in order to maintain the integrity of the USB stick and to avoid corruption of files you follow the correct ‘Eject’ procedure of the PC/Mac you are using for removing the USB. Extensive details for using USB devices on PC/Mac computers can be found here: Windows PC’s: Mac –

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Missing / Deleted .exe file

It has been brought to our attention that some Anti Virus programs may accidentally delete or quarantine the executable file needed to launch the Howzat software (Howzat_v4.exe). If you experience a deletion┬áTacklesport is able to provide a link to download the missing / deleted files. ┬áThis will reset your USB to default; you may need […]

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USB Bug Fix

Your ECB/Tacklesport Howzat! software MAY require an update. A minor bug has been reported on the Software. All users who experience the problem below should follow the link and instructions below to download and install the fix. This release fixes an identified video failure as follows: When viewing the video ÔÇÿAgility Fielding Challenge 1 ÔÇÖ, […]

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Problems installing from the disks

If you experiencing problems installing the HOWZAT┬ásoftware┬ádirectly from the disks please follow the steps below. Step 1 – Create a New folder on your desktop (right click / new / folder) Step 2 – Put Disk1 in your PC DVD drive Step 2a)- Select “Open folder to view files” OR select Computer / right click […]

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Using the software on a Netbook

Unfortunately the software is not designed to be run on a Netbook as these have much smaller screen resolution settings. This version of HOWZAT (as stated on the min requirements) must be run at at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution. Some of the very latest Netbooks can achieve this resolution however most are unable […]

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Using the software on a Mac

This version of the software is designed to be installed and used on a PC only. Mac users are advised that until a Mac version is available other users have been┬ásuccessful┬áin using the software via Parallels (the top-rated, and most trusted solution for running Windows applications on your Mac.) ( Please follow these steps: Download […]

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Installation error Wrong Volume

If you receive the following error during installation┬á“the wrong volume is in the drive please insert Disk 1 into┬áDrive D”. This issue has generally been found on PCs running Windows XP. Please follow these steps carefully. 1. Ensure you have the latest service pack installed (Service Pack 3 – 1a. We recommend you use […]

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Can’t open PDFs

If you are unable to open the numerous PDF’s within the resource please check the following: a) You have Adobe Reader installed (available free from b) Check that the existing version is up to date (Within Adobe Reader select ‘Help’ and ‘Check for updates’)

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Property not found / Paused at start

Property not found: Paused at Start Script error – Continue? Yes ┬á No This error is related to Quicktime Player, which Howzat! uses to display video. The solution is to uninstall any versions of Quicktime player you have and reinstall the latest version, available from┬á

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