About Howzat!

Howzat! is the official coach development resource for the ECB.

It is a comprehensive resource covering all areas of coach development and contains a wealth of technical information and supporting tools to aim coaches.

For the past two years ECB Coach Education, in conjunction with other ECB departments and Sports Coach UK (scUK) have been examining cricketÔÇÖs playing population in order to determine how cricket, through coaching can best meet the needs of their participants.

Following this work, a clearly mapped Player Development Model (PDM) has been created. The PDM captures each stage of player development, displays each of the performance domains and links them to other aspects of cricket performance. The PDM is underpinned by a comprehensive technical syllabus which clearly identifies the nature of the playerÔÇÖs needs in each domain including Technical, Tactical, Mental, Physical and Lifestyle facets, how these can be supported through coaching, what form and type of cricket is played in each domain and how these elements link to other areas of playing such as facilities, competition and talent development.

The new structure is at the heart of the new 2011 ÔÇÿHowzat!ÔÇÖ package. Howzat! was originally designed and developed by Tacklesport for the ECB in 2000 when it was launched by the then Minister of Sport Kate Hoey. Since then Howzat! has undergone several developments. The latest was in 2008 when it was re-launched by then Minister of Education, Ed Balls.

The completely new Howzat! will enable coaches to learn in new and innovative ways, on and away from formal courses.